Improve what you have.


We all have photos that would be great if it were not for the unexpected stranger in the background, an off-kilter horizon line, or a cluttered foreground. FotoMend can fix these problems for you!


Every project is unique, so some will need to be evaluated before work begins.  Please contact us for a quote for restoration services that go beyond the scope of what is described in Level 3.  DIGITAL PRINTS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY and prices vary depending on the size of the print. Find out more!

Photo Manipulation - Level 1

Level 1 Photo Manipulation includes services such as: horizon correction, fine art effects (oil, pastel, watercolor, pencil, etc.)


Photo Manipulation - Level 2

Level 2 Photo Manipulation includes: colorizing black & white images, minimizing or eliminating wrinkles, blemishes, tattoos, and scars.


Photo Manipulation - Level 3

Level 3 Photo Manipulation includes services such as:  adding/removing people or objects, background replacement, and advanced portrait retouching. 

Starting at $69.99